Agar.Io Hack Bot

Looking for Agar.Io Hack? If you love playing game then we have a fantastic news for you. We’ve made a working Cheat bot for Agar game. It’s really fun, easy to use and free to download.

Agar.Io Hack Bot Features

  • It will double your agar cell speed
  • This hack can make your cell 2x in size!
  • This Agar cheat can also turn your cell Invisible.

So, now that you know the features of our Agar Game Hacker Tool, you will ask – How do I get it? Well, cheats are available for free (Although some sites are charging upto $50 for it, we like to share information). Here is how you can get agar game hack and start playing like a boss!

Agar.Io Cheats

(Proof That It Works) hack

Agar Hacks Strategy

A bit of my background: friends call me Ron and in online almost always on the game. You can find me under “I eat you” username. Im an enthusiast I do not really call myself a cracker, but I like to manipulate code & test and find vulnerabilites in games, applications and websites. So I was create a JavaApplet ( is made in Java) for that let me win on this browser game. I have looked into the game source code to see how it works. So I did a lot of testing and playing around with game code. I was finally able to find a vulnerablity

Once I understood, I had the awesome idea to write up some bots in JavaScript, which evade other players and run straight into me… it really worked! In that way I get bigger & bigger up to a point where nobody can eat me, so I could win the game with this hack!   I want to share my JavaScript code with you guys, but please do not abuse of it. Just remember, is just for fun and playing with codes, hacks and cheats isn’t really a good habit! Download the agar bot from our site, read and apply the instructions and enjoy playing your! If you have any issues, just send me an mail. Also, their coders find and patch this, let me know. I will find another one. I always do

I have seen that there are a lot of you who want to play agar without hacks, because they are that kind of reasonable & ethical persons that don’t like to cheat. I created a new category on this blog with Tips, Tweaks and Strategys for agar, so, you can let the agar hack for jerks and play with just a good strategy

Agar.Io Cheats

Recent Comments –

I love playing agar game & thanks for this awesome tutorial.

I went to the site listed by you and downloaded hack and its working well.

Thanks again. Bookmarked your site incase you add more hacks :)